What do the Warning Lights on Your Subaru Dash Mean?

When an unfamiliar light on your instrument panel turns on, there's no need to panic. These lights are there to let you know what's going on with your car. Some are simple indicator lights, while others are there to alert you to a potential issue that needs your attention. When one of these lights turn on, the first thing you need to do is figure out what it means so you can decide what your next steps should be. You can learn about a few of these warning lights below.

  • Brake System Warning Light: This light could indicate that your parking brake is applies or that there's an issue with your brake fluid or brake system. If the light stays on when you release the parking brake, have your vehicle towed to a service center as soon as possible.
  • Engine Low Oil Level Warning: This oil can-shaped light will turn on when your engine oil is low. It will usually turn off when you refill the oil and usually does not require a service center visit.
  • Low Tire Pressure Warning: This light will turn on when your tire pressure is low. It will usually turn off after you add air to your tires; if it does not turn off after your tires are properly inflated, visit a service center to have your tires checked for damage.
  • Icy Road Surface Warning: This light turns on in cold weather when road surfaces may freeze. It does not indicate any issue with your vehicle; it is simply a guide to let you know you should check for ice and drive more carefully.
  • Sport Sharp (S#) Indicator: This light indicates the SI-DRIVE mode that is engaged, and does not indicate an issue with your car.

You can learn about the other lights on your dash in your owner's manual or on our Subaru warning lights page. If a light turns on in your car that indicates a problem with a part of your vehicle, be sure to have it checked right away. You're welcome to schedule auto service at our Somerset dealership, where we will find out why that light turned on and address any issues to make sure you can keep enjoying a safe ride.

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